Hide nor hare

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

This is the post which would have contained the magical shots of hares boxing in the early morning mist and sunbeams. I can still provide you with the mist but sadly not much in the way of hare action whatsoever.
Earmarked as a potential 'ideal habitat' 18 months ago we vowed to return at hare boxing time, those spring mornings which make the best times for hares to get about their business and pop on a show. Last March we missed it somehow with the beast from the east bringing all that snow. I imagine that hares vehemently avoid inclement weather as I do, but this might be an anthropomorphic sweeping assumption.

So here's the residual matter that although not as magical as the sight of hares having a scrap they are of vague interest (to me)

Stinking helebore. I don't much like it but beggars can't be choosers.

What's that? A hare making a getaway? Certainly is. We saw two, which stayed low until the very last second and they individually made a bolt for freedom leaving me a second to pick up my camera, aim, zoom in and snap. You notice I didn't mention focus but when wrestling with the big old zoom lens I reluctantly have to resort to autofocus as it doesn't work trying to zoom and focus manually, I'd need another hand.


Daffodils everywhere now, it's brilliant.
Someone lost a few feathers...
Below, bleeding tree??

It was still a wonderful time out if there was hiding hares.
Take care,

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