Solemnly sworn

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Yoohoo, it''s only me. A two day unauthorised absence for which I needn't apologise but it's irritated me nevertheless. But I'm back now.
 Here's me feeling like slapping my forehead as I have completely neglected to wear this fabulous thick cotton shirt. I'd forgotten to wear it for months and months. It's so warm and brilliant for layering or instead of a jumper. Why hadn't I worn it more?
There was a small trouser crisis last week when I realised my only pair of smart jeans were in the was and I couldn't find another pair that fitted. I had to wear a skirt as a last resort. Talk about a wake up call! These green skinnies are borderline smart although I don't want to wear them out as I can't easily replace them. I'll have to buy some more trousers that fit. Shopping for jeans and trousers is the absolute worst, I hate it.
This year I think I'll try wearing scarves more. This brown joy was a gift from Char waaaay back when and I knotted it into a loop and throw it on with so many things. It works that way for a while then I leave it somewhere and forget about it for ages only to rediscover it at some point and start all over again.
The boots I've solemnly sworn to take to the cobbler to get re-soled for at least two years still have a cracked sole. Oh dear. May be next year?

Take care,

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