Holding appeal

Friday, March 22, 2019

We squeezed in a little time out for wandering last weekend and I was hyped for snapping spring sights. Poised with my camera I waited for new leaves, wild flowers and new blossom yet there was none to be found. Patiently, I did my usual thing of taking shots of all things which look interesting and waitied.

 Sparkles, old branches, last years dead skeletal frames. They're all nice but they're not new!

 Finally, finally I started to spy new shoots.

 The feint haze of green on hedges

 No, it doesn't look much now but this will erupt in months to come.
 Even fresh nettles hold appeal to the rose -tinted spectacle-wearing spring enthusiast.
 Lesser celandine are starting to flower. Their yellow petals are a lovely joyful shade, aren't they?
 A great mullein looking strong.
 Buds on trees are bulging.

 Lords and ladies foliage everywhere but most is plain green. Some are variegated and look very attractive.
 Prickly customers on the ground.

 Comfrey of some sort.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Take care,

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