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Friday, March 19, 2021

Lovely little daisies to pop a smile on my face. Hurrah for the weekend! There's lots that can be done both indoors and out. We're entering the stage of undisputed springtime. After 21st there's no argument against it any more.  
Exciting to see this bird, I think it's a mistle thrush. It looks like the song thrush from the post I published yesterday but the white face looks more like a mistle thrush. How intriguing. 
Catkins dangling everywhere at the moment. Ever lengthening. 
This looked like a big flat nest. Who lives in a nest like this? A big bird. Maybe a buzzard or a red kite.
The first few leaves are making an appearance. Good show.

I thought it was a skylark but no, it looks more like a serin.

The fluffy buds of the pussy willow are showing up. I must find some fronds to snip off any bring home. They are so fun in a little vase.

Dogs Mercury is rife.

Primroses add such prettiness to usually ugly areas.

Lesser celandine will be everywhere soon.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Take care,

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  1. I kept seeing Lesser Celandine on my walk at the weekend. Your bird photos are great. I'm not very good at identifying brown speckled birds!

  2. Daisies always make me smile too, they're such friendly looking little flowers. I love to see pussy willow, I'd love to plant one in the garden but we have a rabbit and deer problem at the moment, I'm certain anything I plant won't survive :(
    Did you snip some off and take it home? I like branches in a vase.


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