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Thursday, March 04, 2021


Since the snow departed it's been feeling turbulent. Sometimes hot, others cold. After the warm weekend I wondered if I would have to get my summer clothes out ahead of schedule, but now it seems far too soon. I've put a best back on and still need a bobble hat on outdoors. 

With all the new exit strategy plan revealed for the spring, it's left me feeling quite strange. I suppose that I'd just accepted the Covid world, adapted and it felt like normal. Now, there's new dates, numbers and rules to consider which has all become a bit of a blur. Naturally we haven't had our jabs yet and after what we've heard will probably anticipate that to happen sometime in July. It all seems quite surreal to think that all social restrictions (in the UK) are scheduled to be dropped on 21st June. The summer equinox. Surely, the science didn't magically coincide with midsummer? Anyway, I'd got used to avoiding everyone, everything, masking up, not going out, declining well meaning invites to go back to work or the like. I'm still full of questions that haven't yet been answered. Will there still be testing? What about if you think you have it, then what? Will it actually be a good idea to go back to close contact with others again, especially if some haven't had the vaccine? Can we truly let our hair down and breathe an unmasked sigh of relief that it's all 'over'? Will it ever be truly over? 

Regardless of this, I don't feel like venturing back out just yet. I'll peer out from the safety of my relative isolation and see what happens. Being permitted multiple trips out a day will be the first real dip back into luxurious freedom. Dog walk, allotment, run, ramble? Yes please! I hate being penned in so much and the ability to come and go as we please will be a lovely return to our active lifestyle. 

I would hasten to add that it feel like *some* people have been going out as they fancy for the whole of lockdown and it's a shame that the rule breakers continually get away with it (as they seem to get away with everything in life). 

And on to the pictures...

Bluebell shoots coming up all over the show, good signs!

Take care,


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