A witness

Wednesday, March 17, 2021


What do you wear when it's blowing a gale? A knitted skirt. This annoying wind, when will it end? It drops for a couple of days then wham, it's back again. The same with the rain, just go away. Let's have some more peaceful sunshine please. It's been a bumpy start to the month so far, hopefully things will iron themselves out over the next few days and start on the steady improvement of warmth and promise. 
This time of year is that turning point when things suddenly point in the direction of 'better times'. Although I approach March with mixed feelings, much of which is dominated by me shaking my fist angrily at the cold, windy weather, there is no doubt that nature is waking up and looking lively beneath the surface. Buds appearing, nesting, the first flowers of the year attracting the insects which are dozily looking for nectar. While in the car on Sunday we drove by a large expanse of field with winter wheat growing and to my delight, saw a group of hares, maybe 10 or 12 in a rudimentary circle with two in the middle having a brief box. Unbelievable. C offered to turn back so I could take some pictures but I was fulfilled entirely by seeing it with my own eyes. Amazing. Nothing to share with you except the pure joy of reporting that I witnessed something I've wanted to see for years and have finally been treated to a more than satisfactory spectacle. 

Obviously I was wearing a coat, scarf and gloves, probably a hat too and I just can't wait to leave them all at home in some lovely warm weather. 

Take care,

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