She listens like spring

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Title taken from the lyrics of Drops of Jupiter, which I absolutely love. Photographs from the warm sunny days a couple of weeks ago when nature was duping us that things were on the up. Obviously, there's a storm this week with heavy rain, gales and thunder set to hit shortly. Ah, seasons. Yesterday's calm before the storm was delightful. 

Two swans circled. They have a brilliant sound when flying, the whistling beat of the wings timed with little honks. If you haven't heard them then you have missed out. 
Catkins of purples and greens are dangling everywhere at the moment.
Still crusts of lichen prominent in branches.
The reeds are returning. The shoots look so lush and fresh.
The snowdrops are on the wain now. 

Speedwell starting to pinprick spots of blue if you look very, very closely.

Even the ivy berries are in short supply now. 

I spied the first violets in flower on a bank. 

Hiding siskin?
A hare made a dash for it and I only caught a silhouette.
Now there's a sight for spring, the first lambs. 
Hares, sadly not boxing. 
Squirrel thinks I haven't caught him. I have, but only just.
I have so much to get out of my system; spring generates such enthusiasm for me that I'm on the verge of bubbling over with excitement for the new season. Lots of posts to come over the next few weeks I hope!

Take care,

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