Worth two in a bush

Thursday, March 18, 2021


A song thrush gave us a full performance with front row seats and the opportunity for pictures. I'd not managed to spy any of the previous vocal performers before, you can usually hear them but they remain camouflaged. 

I've had no luck with the boxing hare hunt; although I am sure that we've seen quite a few more hares than usual so I have been lucky in that respect. Brown hare in a brown field with a brown backdrop. Brown. EDIT: since I drafted this post I have in fact seen a brilliant bit of hare boxing, see yesterday's post.

This curious bird flew between trees and I couldn't identify it. Sadly, the picture is not much help.

Long tailed tit. Aren't they cute?
More deer. These have stubby horns. I bet they feel all velvety.

Soaring buzzards remind me of planes stacking at airports. Buzzards are much more interesting to watch though.

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