First blossoms

Monday, March 22, 2021


I've been patiently watching this tree over the past month. There are three cherries almost in eyeshot from the house and they are always very early to flower in spring. For the last couple of weeks I engaged C with the task of snipping some low hanging fronds to pop in a vase on the mantlepiece. You have to cut them before the buds have opened. The warmth of being indoors sends them into flowering overdrive and in around a week they have finished and start to litter spent petal everywhere. When indoors, I can detect a gentle scent but outdoors it gets lost, despite the far greater volume of flowers. 
The picture on the wall is a perfect match for the flowers. 


Meanwhile, the tree is resplendent in the spring sunshine.

The neighbours may well think I'm mad, going to town photographing a tree. I think you'd be mad not to.
Take care,


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