Two for joy

Friday, March 05, 2021

I don't know where this week has gone, it feels like I've been super busy. Although it's the last week of lockdown as we know it, the very definite line drawn between weekday and weekend has remained intact. Weekend time is for guilt free time spent doing what we want to do. Mostly, it's useful things or at least spending the time well. This spring will be another exciting one, but aren't they all? With plans to create a new planting area within the current lawn at home along with the long list of usual suspects of things to tackle it's going to be interesting. 

Primroses are now seen here and there.
Two for joy, hurrah! If I see magpies, I'm counting them. So many single sods out there though.  Interesting fact; two days before my grandmother died I was crossing a busy road when I saw a solitary magpie far away on one side of the carriageway then looking the other way saw three a distance off. After successfully crossing the road I pondered on whether it would be sorrow and a girl, or just a boy. Turned out to be sorrow and a girl. Clever magpies.
Even the first dandelion is a sight for sore eyes after winter. Hello to you.
Carpets of snowdrops won't have long left now.
Lesser celandine leaves are sprawling in ditches and their first few flowers appearing.
Dogs mercury in flower.

Even excitement to see chickweed.
Winter heliotrope. Like natures bog brush.
The aconites have been lovely, fading now.

And finally a lesser celandine flower. 

Hope you are able to get out safely to see the early spring sights.

Take care,


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