Full of pep

Thursday, March 11, 2021

There have been a lot of times I've not bothered to put on some nice clothes or make up this winter. Over half the time at the weekend when we took our opportunity to walk I just rolled straight out in something old, scruffy and warm. Despite having felt like I didn't want to tidy up and choose anything, more often than not I regretted it. On the times I did make the effort, it was repaid by feeling much more cheerful in my happy clothes. This sunshine dress is one such peppy outfit I wore and smiled. The sun was out, the chill in the air had cleared off and things felt good. 

I swear, I've given my boots a decent clean and polish several times this winter yet they immediately get caked in mud on the next outing, thus returning to looking a right state almost immediately. So annoying. I'm on the look out for some more boots for this year, some spring/summer/autumn walking boots. They have to be on the lighter side of weight, supportive of my ankles, fairly flexible and comfy, ideally in brown, black or some kind of neutral tone. What with import difficulties, I want to buy from somewhere in the UK. My current Keen pair have taken a lot of a beating and I want to wear in their replacement before they give up altogether. It's difficult to find just what I want. 

Whilst taking some outfit pictures there were some squirrels larking around in the trees behind. I suggested we could take shots of them afterwards and photoshop them on to my palms. Didn't happen.

Yay for being allowed out for recreation again. Have I been out more than once a day so far? Nope. But I'd like to go for a walk each day and a run at the weekend. 
More smiley than usual.
Take care,


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