The changing landscape

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Some photographs from a few weeks ago, which have reminded me how fast the landscape changes round here; already now the bright yellow fields have faded, leaving only smatterings of sunshine shades along the horizon.

Seeing lilac in flower warms my heart with memories of our wedding, when lilac and wisteria were in full bloom. I try to take in the scent of flowers as I encounter them to savour every little part of this beautiful time of year.


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  1. Ahh I love wisteria and lilac, both are blooming nicely in the garden at the moment. How lovely that they remind you of your wedding :) They remind me of moving into our house.
    I love watching the landscape change, it's with a little sadness that I see the oil seed rape fade as it means Andy will disappear from 'normal' life for a while but it's also an exciting time. Harvest brings a buzz about the countryside and the landscape changes all over again.

  2. They are beautiful. I love the changing landscape too. Such bright colours ebb and flow . Lovely to associate flowers with your wedding. I think of lavender for our wedding was in full bloom. X

  3. Stunning photography, as always :) Growing up in the countryside and living on a farm, one of my favourite times of year was seeing fields full of rapeseed, wheat, corn, etc. It's a rare sight now I live in the big smoke - so it's nice to be living vicariously through your photography!

    Mark | That Gent Mark

  4. Lilac is over already here, it is very ephemeral


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