A taste of Scandinavia?

Friday, May 22, 2015

Scandinavian styling

When the sun shines bright, I'll roll up my sleeves and relish the warmth of the day, but knowing when the daylight fades I'll be safe from the cold.

Scandinavian stylingScandinavian stylingScandinavian styling

The cooler spring days call for a compromise between a summer dress and a good thick jumper but I think I've found a compromise. This knitted dress is every kind of awesome; long sleeves, strong material, loose casual fit and a drawstring drop waist. My very first though upon seeing it was that it looked Scandinavian, in a chilled out way. On the first outing for my new transitional piece I chose to wear it with some thick tights and ankle boots. It looks fine to me and I've got other variations I would happily try; namely bare legs and long boots or maybe my but out boots. Thicker tights and long boots with a warm jumper or a jacket when it gets cold again in Autumn.

That's the joy of buying second hand clothes; you never know what you might find and sometimes things just seem 'right'. This dress was found whilst in Ipswich on our shopathon Hazel devised for Kezzie and I.


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