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Friday, May 15, 2015

Walking around Buttermere lakeWalking around Buttermere lakeWalking around Buttermere lake

While we were away on our mini break to the Lade District a few weeks ago we took a day trip out further afield to Buttermere. Can you walk around the lake? Oh yes you can! It turns out that Buttermere is far busier than Ennerdale, parking is expensive and you'll be lucky to get any. The walk around the lake was much shorter (apparently you can so it in two hours) we had 4 hours parking and spent just over 3 hours walking and picture-taking before dropping into the charming farm coffee shop for refreshments and a little sit down. The walk itself was on good, wide, well-kept paths. There was one area of flat rock to ascend but the vast majority of the path was easy walking and fairly flat. As easy walks go, this was right up there. The scenery, of course, was beautiful and inspiring.

Walking around Buttermere lakeWalking around Buttermere lakebutter4Walking around Buttermere lake Walking around Buttermere lakeWalking around Buttermere lakeWalking around Buttermere lakeWalking around Buttermere lakeWalking around Buttermere lakeWalking around Buttermere lakeWalking around Buttermere lake

Personally, I'd choose to go back to Ennerdale out of the two.

Have you ever been to Buttermere?


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  1. Parking always seems to be a killer at places like this, but for views and photos like this I'd say its more than worth it. Another fabulous post.

    - Danielle xo

  2. Never been, have visited the Lake District though, it's ridiculously beautiful!

  3. I absolutely adore Buttermere, but you are so right it's such an arse to park. You have to get there early on a good day!! There's a great pub in the village though, perfect for that post-walk/hike pint :) Next time you should really go up into the fells, the views are stunning and the walks aren't too arduous around Buttermere compared to some x

  4. I've never been to Buttermere but maybe we'll have an adventure that way this summer.

    Lizzie Dripping

  5. Beautiful photos of Buttermere here Sophie! I do love Buttermere and I always enjoy the walk and the scenery, but I'm also like you, there's something about Ennerdale that is just stunning and I think I preferred the Ennerdale stroll to the Buttermere one, but having said that I visit Buttermere the most now, and I love taking photos there. Lovely post! - Tasha

  6. Never been but I do hope to go one day - I used to live close to the Lake District so it's a shame I never made it when I lived in that area - beautiful photos Sophie, and those lambs are very cute.

  7. This place looks so beautiful.
    I haven't been to the Lake District since I was a tot, but these photos are brilliant - they really make me want to explore it :) I'm so far down South though, it's quite a hike to get up there! ^.^ Hopefully one day, fingers crossed

    Thanks for sharing :) take care!

    Sarah xxo | thesaltyseablog.blogspot.co.uk

  8. I've never been but judging from your gorgeous photos it has definitely made me want to take a trip and explore it at some point!

    Shannon | www.sweetserendipityblog.co.uk


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