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Tuesday, May 05, 2015

corkers crisps

You should know by now how much I love finding about great local produce so today's post is one I'm really excited to share. Have you heard of Corkers crisps? I'll admit I hadn't before a couple of weeks ago.

Deep in the rich, peaty Fenlands in Cambridgeshire the Naturalo potato is grown, giving it a unique flavour and marvellous natural propensity for crunch. As well as growing the potatoes on the family farm, the factory is based there too and the crisps are hand cooked on site. That's pretty efficient by anyone's standards?!

A little bird tells me that Corkers crisps have just bagged some awards; namely 'Potato grower of the year' by UK Growers and 'Best regional supplier' by Waitrose as well as a few Great Taste Awards .

I was invited along to the farm to explore, find out more and make some crisps of my own, how fun that would have been! If only I was just down the road... Still, an exciting plan B was to receive a huge box of crisps through the post. Even the postman commented on what an interesting parcel it was. It's a tough life as a blogger sometimes... munching your way through a dozen packet of crisps (well, it would be if I was single. The husband was eyeing up the bags from the second I presented the box so in the name of good wifeliness I did my best to share). The packaging of the crisps is spot on; strong bags so the crisps don't get crushed, cute design with fab British theme and a decent amount of crisps in each bag. I have to say these were the crunchiest crisps I've ever eaten, Corkers certainly know what they're doing and I ruddy loved it.

corkers crisps

We both agreed that the duck and hoisin sauce flavour was our favourite; great flavour, really tasty. Then I'm torn between a usual favourite flavour and a new one to me: the red Leicester and caramelised onion was delicious but the pork sausage and English mustard were so good too.

The sea salt and cider vinegar were just how I like them; tasty but not so strong that they leave my lips throbbing afterwards. Sea salt and black pepper, however, did take Chris by surprise with how peppery it was! The sweet Thai chilli flavour and sea salt flavour are the last two waiting to be eaten as they're not my usual preferred choices but Chris will be polishing them off soon.

I have to say I'm really impressed with Corkers crisps and am proud that they're produced so locally right from field to packet. Have you tried Corkers? I'm a fan!


Thanks to Corkers for sending me such a fab parcel to review

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