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Thursday, May 14, 2015

wearing a skater skirt and country shirtwearing a skater skirt and country shirt

Sometimes I just want to wear what calls out to me, whether it's something I'm familiar with or not. This red skater skirt is not a piece I would have ever though I'd wear but yet it's super thick and soft material promised me that everything was gonna be ok and I believed. Turns out the skirt was right; it's perfect for cold days and I feel right at home wearing it. On this occasion the seventies style country shirt (with elbow patches!) was my chosen top which I think works, especially with thick black tights and my ever trusty black biker boots.

wearing a skater skirt and country shirtskirt3wearing a skater skirt and country shirt

A walk out somewhere quiet is always just what I need.


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  1. Lovely skirt. I've been finding so much calm in the countryside walk to the allotment, lately.

  2. Looking lovely as always Sophie, I love the colour of your skirt, it matches the rest of your outfit perfectly. Lovely photos too, a walk in the countryside always makes me feel better. - Tasha

  3. It's lovely. And elbow patches - awesome!
    Getting outside for a wander is always the best tonic.

  4. I love red skater skirts! Theyre so versatile. You look super with it and the skirt and I'm rather taken by that setting with just a peek of osr!!!x


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