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Friday, May 29, 2015

floral crown and long hair honey bee necklace Nova Silver

floral crown and long hair

floral crown and long hair

Even though I have more clothes to choose from than a trendy new boutique I often just reach for an old favourite instead of braving something I'm unsure of. (This is why C despairs of me and questions why I can't just wear jeans, tees and jumpers like him). I know that many of my items don't get worn all that much, but I'm endeavouring to do better. These super skinny jeans are the old school style of jeans with almost no 'give' to the fabric which makes them a real struggle to get on when they're freshly laundered. Jeans seem to be an ever-depleting resource in my wardrobe; pairs that fit well are so hard to come by and it's often the case that pairs have to be retired before a replacement has been secured. Although I have bought a couple of pairs of seventies style jeans which I'm feeling somewhat pleased about and ought to get on and wear before the days get too warm (I wish!).

My honey bee necklace from Nova Silver has been hibernating in my jewellery box for far too long and it's such a sweet piece to wear in spring and summer. Floral crowns were my favourite accessory last summer and I'm dusting them off for another year and looking to add to my collection. This one was from Peacocks last year I think and I've worn it three days last weekend (I can't get enough of it).

Is that a backpack you spy? Yes it is and I'll be sharing more about that very soon.

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  1. I love jeans that don't stretch, despite the hopping about and wiggling that it takes to get them on. There is something nice about the security they offer.
    You look amazing and I want to know what's in the backpack now :)


  2. You look very very cute and I live the polka dots. Ah old flower crowns are the best! I've had a few from Crown and glory recently but still I chose old ones to wear! I can't abide skinny jeans but I'm the sane with wide legged ones, find them hard to come by.x

  3. so pleased to see the flower crowns making a reappearance! I know summer is on the way when Sophie has a head full of blooms.
    I always mourn my jeans when I finally admit to myself (long after I really should have) that they need to go. I can't stand jeans that bag at the knees and seat - anything with less than 5% lycra or similar go straight back on the rail.
    Intrigued by the backpack...
    Cute necklace too, gotta love a bumble x

  4. Lovely photos Sophie! I definitely agree with you, I've got outfits I always return to because they're just my favourites, nothing wrong with it and I think you always look great. I especially love your flower crown! - Tasha

  5. You look great in these photos! Very ethereal :)


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