Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I have a good few things to write about soon, but seemingly all need quite a bit of sorting through all the photographs which all takes up time and I've not organised myself on that yet. This week I've got plans in place for healthy eating, so I'm determined to make the changes that are sorely overdue. Slipping into bad habits has left me feeling grumpy and lacking in energy as well as not enjoying food all that much, so I've made meal plans and am not letting anything stand in my way. It's meant I've been selfish and chosen to make my own meals and leave C to fend for himself as he doesn't fancy what I'm planning, but sometimes you just have to do your own thing.
Hope to share some good things soon,

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  1. Good plan. see you on the other side x

  2. I'm trying so hard to turn things around with my eating and exercise. Really trying to eat more calories, and the new Fitbit is helping me to track everything. I've been training like a demon in the gym as well. I really hope to see some results soon.

  3. I hope you're OK and doing alright Sophie - I feel like you, I've been slipping back into bad habits in terms of sleep pattern and it's left me feeling a bit wobbly. I hope you get some time to yourself, and enjoy it! - Tasha

  4. Sending love and anxiously awaiting exciting updates. I've been making healthier changes to my lifestyle lately and feel so much better for it!


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