Dressed for a daisy meadow

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Or should I say dressed as a daisy meadow? It completely bypassed me that my green spotted dress looks a yellow dot short of being rudimentary daisy meadow. Anyway, I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago on a gorgeous sunny day when bare legs seemed to be an entirely sensible choice, not like the grotty cold, windy conditions that we seem to be experiencing this week.

This pretty dress was chosen for me as part of a shopping challenge when I met up with Kezzie and Hazel recently in Ipswich for a good root through the charity shops. It was lovely to see Hazel again of course and great to finally meet Kezzie, a long-time blog buddy and correspondent. As well as having a marvellous browse through the charity shops (oh how exciting to have a whole new town to rummage through!) we also had to each pair up and pick an item for the other. This dress was what was chosen for me to style and I ruddy love it. If I'd seen it on the rail I would have bought it myself; perfect practical length, comfortable shape and fabric, pretty colour and print. Can you ask for more? Nah. I felt like wearing it free, without a belt even though it does have loops and I think it looks better than cinched. My black biker boots appear to go with everything at the moment and this dress was no exception along with plenty of bangles and a necklace.


Thanks to Hazel and Kezzie for picking such a 'me' piece and for such a marvellous day out.


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