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Monday, September 17, 2018

Good morning everyone! Our weekend was one which made the most of all the hours in a most productive and satisfying manner. Plenty has been achieved. Food was eaten, leisure enjoyed and pretty much everything ticked off the to-do list. All very restorative. Saturday afternoon we slunk off to find a fly ageric. No joy but I thoroughly savoured the hunt; creeping over the crunchy leaves and twigs, eyes to the floor.  It wasn't all about mushrooms though, there were all sorts to see.
A random potato plant growing...

Still a little white campion to see.

Toadflax in abundance at the moment.In previous years I barely noticed it at all but now it's everywhere.
Below, I don't know but those miniature blue flowers are gorgeous. I think it's bugloss (ugly name really)

Another one of those wildflowers which drapes itself all over a bush. It throws me that any flowers are green. White bryony is it's name.
Below, another great mullein I think. Or dark mullein!

Dinky little white flowers I thought could be chickweed or mouse ear.
Below, solitary little harebells? I couldn't find a good enough answer in my book.

More small flowers! I hope this is tormentil.

Bit of deadnettle still in blooom.
And on to the fungi

Take care,

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