On the fungi hunt

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

It's that time of year when sightings of mushrooms and toadstools become more frequent, almost commonplace. The excitement of seeing a half mauled specimen half immersed in undergrowth dwindles on the hunt for more shapely, fresh examples. Eyes attune to assess each example.
I have a pocket guide to mushrooms and toadstools but after making an attempt to distinguish one type of knobble from another it quickly became apparent that far too many look identical or, more annoyingly, something I gleefully consider to look different enough to be identifiable, but it's nowhere to be found in the guide.
 I give up. I don't really like fungi anyway. Yes, I like to take pictures but no I don't care what their names are. I'm not apologising, everyone has different interests and mine do not extend to these!

 Look but don't touch and how far wrong can you go? And never, ever eat.

 Some woodland rogues uprooted this and left it on it's head. How heartless.

Don't touch.
Take care,

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