Like a stamp on an envelope

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

This little chap looks interesting. 
Mid September is a funny time of year. Sometimes it pretends to be just another summer's day and other occasions the rain falls and squally winds blow and render it a chilly washout. Over the last few days we've taken stock of how the countryside is looking at the moment and the conclusion is dry.
Our climate is generally dry; we don't get many really wet days. Yes, it does rain but when I count up the days where rain stops play it's hardly any. 
The sandy soil drains easily but the pockets of clay stay soggy in winter. I'm surprised we have seen as many mushrooms as we have the past month. 

When I see a little leaf on the top of a mushroom I compare it to a stamp on an envelope.

A time to reflect.
Below: water mint in flower still.

What's up with the crinkly grass?

Sweet chestnuts are starting to drop. This year we would love to forage a nice little haul.

I've hardly seen any red clover in flower this year and I had in mind making a little bottle of red clover syrup. Maybe one for next year then.

Have a beautiful day,

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