I've got an Inca-ling

Monday, September 10, 2018

Some gnat has taken to nighttime nibbling of my neck upon my hairline. Three swollen lumps have popped up recently which make my neck ache as the skin strains to cope with the extra bulk. Will it give me a break? If I spot the blighter it'll be mashed on sight.
This weekend has proved unsatisfactory, I want a refund. Monday morning bad mood reigns and I can't face five more days until the next reprise.

I wore this dress last weekend and although it's not appeared on the blog before I did take some shots back in June but they fell by the wayside. I like the dark but bold colors. A yellow bag brings out the highlights but the over all effect reminds me of Inca art. I ca=ould be way off.
By buying the lovely tan jacket it has prompted me to wear this almost black faux leather jacket on the occasions the other is too light. Conversely productive.

Let's plough through another Monday.
Take care,

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