Perpetual conviction

Thursday, September 27, 2018

I know that many people are contending with far worse at this moment and every day of their lives but I'm going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment which I don't want to dwell on but I'll reiterate my perpetual conviction that immersing myself in nature soothes my soul no end. 
Evening walks at sunset even for a brief 20 minutes quell the stresses of the day and even just a little poke around the patio plant pots make me feel better.
Here's more from August which caught my eye. 
Above, red bartsia.
Below, hemp agrimony

Above, I cannot identify but to be fair there's not much to go on!
Above, redshank in loom. Below, 'nodding bur-marigold' which looks like this from the off. It appears to look like a spent flower head but that's it's fresh bloom look. How odd.

Above gipsywort.
Above, what horrible looking nodules!
Below, a silverweed flower nestled away.

Conker season! Although I'm deeply disturbed by the way some horse chestnut trees have recently put on a fresh set of leaves and flowers following the drought when they ost the first set. Surely this is an enormous strain on the tree which will impact next year?
Above, bittersweet flowers still blooming.
Take care of yourself,

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