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Wednesday, September 05, 2018

I'm not ready to pack away the light, floaty numbers just yet. With cooler mornings only lasting a few hours before the sun comes burning through. This dress is made up of a my favourite colours and patterns. (My favourite colour is blue even though I wear more of other shades.) Frustratingly there are two drawbacks I have identified as obstacles to comfortable wearing; the minute underskirt would benefit from being half again it's length to provide adequate modesty while dispelling the requirement to keep checking it is still in situ. The low cut neckline and the wide set straps render wearing anything underneath completely on show. I threw caution to the mild breeze and wore it anyway. I'll try it with a denim jacket when it gets cooler.
 Big earrings for summer.
 Look what I found. Ladybirds under a leaf.

 Always ankle boots.

 Cob nuts too.
Take care,

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