On a soft September day

Monday, September 03, 2018

What on Earth is going on? I woke up Saturday to find it is now September and within three minutes of opening my eyes I received a complimentary pinch and a punch to reiterate the fact. Aside from the obvious changing of the calendar month, it didn't feel much different as weekends go, actually the sunny warm weather gave a super summery atmosphere.

 Both days at the weekend we ventured out. Yesterday's thwarted initial idea was put on the back burner after discovering the return of cows so plan B entailed a ride to Foxley Wood. It opens at 10 and shuts at 5 (or dusk if dusk is earlier) I believe which is not particularly convenient for early birds but the site does have to be locked up so do bear the times in mind if you visit. We had the whole place to ourselves which made for an incredibly peaceful time. With the morning dew still soaking the lush grass paths and the sunshine beaming down the shade was cool and the suntraps were warm.

Above, self heal.
Below, fleabane.

Silverweed above.

A yellow carpet

The virburnum opulus, guelder rose berries ( I hope). They look like shiny red pearls in the sunshine.

Speckled wood butterflies were just about the only variety we saw.

Here's to a peaceful Monday.
Take care,

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