Maxim de Winter

Thursday, September 20, 2018

I just finished Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier hence the appropriation for today's outfit post title. This maxi may not be entirely suitable for winter but it's certainly a hit for it's fellow seasons and I'll try it with tights when it gets nippy.
It's not often you catch me in a long skirt but this was a spontaneous sale purchase from tofs (The Original Factory Shop) - is this a local chain or nationwide? Either way they usually have an eclectic range of clothes that never usually take my fancy but this skirt, reduced to £5 insisted it would be a valuable addition to my wardrobe. The elasticated waistband is particularly comfortable, probably due to it being a tad loose as a 8/10 instead of deciding what it actually was. It's fine at the start of the day but could lead to a sagging waistline but mid afternoon, co-incidentally the time at which I decided to stroll through woodland. The hem has been trodden on.
What a cheerful colour; I'd call it coral orange. The kind of colour which sits pleasantly on it's own without anything else. Aside from whites and likely blue denim I'm unsure what else it will suit but that's a bridge for another day. I adore the light but plentiful fabric and the minimal detail. I'm not even sure the small catch incurred with those forest floor thorns will detract from it's charm. Some shirts are for smart and some are for wear. This one's an active example. I'll be walking in this one, not posing for afternoon tea. Which does remind me that I did intend to have an afternoon out scoffing some posh sandwiches and cakes this summer but have failed to organise anything. Maybe next year!

I haven't worn this cropped jumper nearly enough which is a shame as it's quite flattering. Most jumpers tend to bulk me out terribly but this one slims me down, despite those 'dreaded' horizontal stripes.

I would like to write about the books that I have read in the last few years and what I'd recommend at some point soon as reading has become something I now shoehorn into most days as a matter of priority. That and a fitness post. I'd also love to re-jig the blog fascia and replace the header image with something that has been in my mind for a good couple of years now but I have failed to orchestrate. There's always oodles that I'd love to share here yet the clock keeps ticking on in my absence.
Take care,

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