Mustered co-ordination

Thursday, September 06, 2018

The last of the pictures from our trip to Foxley Wood on Sunday. It's amazing that an hour out in the beautiful sunshine can be so productive. For days of posts which I've thoroughly enjoyed putting together. Yes, some of them are just leaves but the colour palettes have inspired me.
On Tuesday morning I yearned to take the day off and just write; to fill draft upon draft with different thoughts, pictures and to release the floodgates of ideas. There are stacks of photographs to litter the place with summer memories. I just felt like I could type all day, that kind of on-point enthusiasm.
Of course, time was not permitting but I have mustered the co-ordination to knock out four on the trot this week. Fingers crossed for a fifth?

More viburnum opulous, dripping in berries.
Below, a tiny sprig of trefoil nestled in the grass. It was the only one I found.

Still a few dragonflies about.

Is it wood sorrell? I realised that my only method of identifying wildflowers thus far has been with their flowers but I can learn to recognise them with leaves. Another challenge!
Nuts and berries ripening.

There's so much I want to write about soon. I'm full of enthusiasm at the moment.
Take care,

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