Needs must when the Devil drives

Friday, September 14, 2018

This week has been something of a trial, I can tell you. Bring on the weekend and a clean slated Monday for goodness' sake.
I could write essays upon essays of wheat's been bothering me but for the sake of regaining my sanity I'll move on instead of regaling my tales o' woe. Here's the second part of the Titchwell snaps.

I spotted this blue wonder and it reminded me of statice.

Most interesting seedpods.

Of course the inland paths lead out to a wonderful beach which stretches to the horizon. Little grassy dunes seemed to have been dug up by rabbits. Do rabbits really want to live on the beach? I found this quite implausible but maybe it's much like living on sandy soil like the Brecks.

More greenery I didn't recognise.I'd bet below is a type of spurge.

Sea spinach???!

Red campion.
Take care,

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