Fungi funtime

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

 Hello everyone! I've slightly lost track on what pictures I've taken but here's some from back in August when the low light meant a serious level of aperture 1.4 was the only option. Hence the over focus on one element of many shots. Sorry, not sorry! Needs must on some occasions and I like to snap away at the emerging fungi. It's not a post dedicated to toadstools but there's not mushroom for anything else. 

 Reeds! The jungle effect at knee height is much more impressive.
( Brackets )

 Below: Himalayan Balsam is a serious threat to the banks and countryside around waterways. The rapid growth of the plants mixed with the exploding seed pods mean that this invasive intruder takes hold of an area, spreads quickly and takes over. This is a real worry.

Maybe another Great Mullein. They're not the most attractive plants, they remind me of half eaten cobs of sweetcorn.

Have a lovely day.
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