Mercury rose

Friday, April 26, 2019

Hasn't it been an age since bare legs of last summer? Finally, over the bank holiday weekend the sun shone, the mercury rose and the tights were shunned in favour of bare legs! In fact it was so warm it was hot and so hot it was roasting. I cautiously wore a vest top under my dress and sweltered under the sunny skies; no leaves meant no shade as became apparent. C had put forward a suggestion to go for a walk along an existing route we knew but with an additional loop we hadn't previously realised was a public right of way, hurrah! Perhaps we should have taken more of an interest in the length of the route before setting off just before midday... We arrived back at the car around 3pm quite tired and in dire need of sustenance.
These pictures were taken at around 2:30 when we finally found a nice bit of shade and I was pretending that I wasn't overheating with a seriously rumbly tum. Breakfast was around 6:30am and I don't recall having snacked. DOOM.
The big turquoise cuff was a gift from Mum and Dad when they were on holiday and I love it a lot, it's very 'me'. I hope to wear it plenty over the coming year. Expect to see it all the time.
 I'm not hungry, I'm happy... But slightly ravenous...
 Dress of choice would have been perfect without the top underneath. Boots were ideal.

Did you get caught out with the not warm but roasting weather?

Take care,

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