Sunshine strolling

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

A new-found circular walk of around three miles was revisited over Easter and my, hadn't things changed since new year! Firstly, where has the time gone? And secondly, hasn't nature just exploded into spring with such enthusiasm this year? It's great to see the return of leaves - some not all are out yet. All in good time.

Do you have a favourite blossom? I am partially convinced it should be crab apple although I'm easily swayed by most others.

Thank goodness for late flowering blackthorns. I fear the heavy frosts in mid April may have put pay to much of the sloe opportunities. We shall have to cross our fingers and hope some fruits grow.
Have a shot of me in my allotmenting uniform. In the summer I pretty much live in this type of t-shirt and this type of shorts (I have them in 3 colours and a similar pair of beige ones now too). It's rare I venture beyond the patch in it but sometimes needs must and I didn't want to make myself a minute later for walkies than necessary.

Horsechestnut leaves look like they should feel similar to corduroy. They don't.

Oaks tend to be one of the last to get leaves and one of the last to lost them.
The forest floor fills out....
Crows* live close by to one another.
*Are they crows? I cannot tell large black birds apart. They could be rooks or ravens really.
Red legged partridges making a getaway. They never like having their picture taken, how rude.
Take care,

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