Wildflowers in April

Monday, April 29, 2019

The countryside bursts into colour more and more each day. There's a riot of blooms here and there. On walk I took so many shots that I've had to filter them into 'wildflowers' and 'others' (which have amounted to 3 additional posts' worth!) so here's all the wildflowers. Quite a lot really!
White dead nettle, red dead nettle.

Archangel and below, chickweed. Not the most interesting but I did have to look it up.

Wild strawberries blooming in verges. The flowers are tiny!
Below, greater stitchwort. It's a lovely flower really.

Above ground ivy. The flowers are lovely and make carpets of blue and purple.
Below, lesser celandine, it's been around weeks now on banks and verges.

Above, garlic mustard (give it a rub and a sniff)
Below wood anemone

And lastly some forget-me-nots. How dainty and cute.

Take care,

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