In the wings

Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Dress, jumper, jacket...go! Easy outfit for a smidgen of exploring in the spring sunshine. I love these tan boots but they've been made to such a low standard that once they start falling part properly there's nothing I can do. As it is the laces are fraying horribly where I tension them on the hooks. I have their replacement ready and waiting in the wings - a charity shop opened up and they had two pairs of footwear for me. Even one pair is a rarity so strange there were two I liked and that fitted. The other were smart chunky heeled chelsea style which will replace my buckled pair I wear to town and out for dinners.

I tie my hair back all the time but don't like it that way for the blog, I prefer it loose but I'd got a bad case of hat hair so a ponytail was one of my few remaining options.
I know I only got this bag a year ago (or was it more?) but it's not 'the' one as it doesn't have a zip which means it doesn't seal up to a satisfactory standard. It can leak out sweets or lip balms or even money if left at the wrong angle or just clumsily dropped. Not only that it clanks as part of it is solid which has become annoying. I'll find something that ticks all of the boxes next time.

Take care,

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