Blousy days

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

If we go out anywhere in the evening, say for dinner, then I don't get a chance to have outfit pictures taken so you virtually never see anything I wear that's not a rambling or town look. A few weeks ago I pulled on this blouse and skirt combination to go go the pub and really loved it. I thought it made me look taller.
I wore it again at the weekend as I enjoyed it so much and managed a few snaps in front of some early oil seed rape in flower. Oh, not so tall, in fact more boxy than tall so I guess my bedroom mirror has a few questions to answer.
Plus I seem to be squinting in virtually all the pictures though I have no recollection of doing so at all. I thought I was smiling?

The blouse is very me with  beautiful print and I hope to wear it plenty, although hopefully in a more flattering way. A nice blouse can make a good summer cover up but also you can hide a thick thermal vest and long sleeved top beneath to add winter warmth. I wore my almost black faux leather jacket over the top which felt quite smart.
Of course it was a charity shop purchase, most things for me are, but the label says Next which is not somewhere I usually care to browse.

 Clip-clopping round the pavements in my solid heeled ankle boots.
Can it just get a little warmer soon so I can ditch the tights and enjoy the sun on me bones for a bit...
Take care,

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