Silhouette no longer

Friday, April 05, 2019

It was early Saturday morning when the dew lay heavy all round and the mists lingered over the fields. Sunshine was making the skies glow yet hadn't yet burned off all the low cloud.
"I'll stand here with two thirds of the background here" happy with my chosen spot and it's shiny atmospheric glow. 
"You're just a silhouette, it's not working" Frowns.
I relocate to a far inferior place where there's a shabby hedge behind and I'm blinded by the sun. "Better?"

To be honest I would have much preferred the original set up of pretty morning landscape and just me as a silhouette but there we go. 

The jackets are going to be worn lots this year, I found them really convenient to throw on last year and it's great to feel like you're justifying having bought them.
Last summer I bought this maxi skirt on the cheap and it's saved me a few times already. Warm day and overlooked shaving my legs? Check. Run out of trousers and need to look smart? Check. Need to wear something plain and colourful to match things which clash with most of my wardrobe, also check. It is in very real danger of getting a grubby hem as I'm sure I've scuffed it into the ground at least a few times already but hey ho.
Take care,

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