Spring scenes

Thursday, April 25, 2019

There's been a wonderful amount of hours spent outdoors lately. So much so that I've not felt inclined to give up my vitamin D in favour of time on the laptop blogging. That's ok though, the rain is on it's way to refresh the garden and give me the time to prepare more content. There are hundreds of photographs to get through; I scrolled for almost twenty minutes reviewing the folder since I last shared any. That's a fair amount. 
Anyway, time spent outside is of such value and as things are rapidly changing on the landscape I hope to note plenty of interest over the next couple of months.
Birds of prey have been circling in the thermals. Although we often see buzzards, there are increasing numbers of red kites too. Very encouraging.
Buds swelling and springing open. Little birds singing their hearts out.

Late blackthorn blooms of which there aren't many. I fear the earlier ones are a write-off due to the sharp frosts...
Happily finding cow-slips.I hardly saw any in Norfolk two springs ago but there were many last year.

Dogs Murcury and flocks of pigeons.

The primroses are fading now, but they were lovely.
Carpets of ground ivy bloom.

Old nests and new ones appearing as the hedgerows fill out with new growth

Wood anemone, delicate and dainty.

Yellow archngel
Greater stitchwort.

Garlic mustard.

Voilets also just holding on.
Blossom weighing down branches

Naughty deer.
Take care,

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