Fire and brimstone

Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Alas, no fire, just brimstone. A few snaps of beasties I saw recently on wanders. I do have loads to share with you so it's just a case of finding a window of opportunity to get it made into blog posts.

Squirrel up to antics...

This chirpy chap didn't mind his picture being taken one bit! I had no idea what I was looking at but my book only indicates a pied/white wagtail with a head like this. I didn't see any characteristic wagging or bobbing but there you go.
A peacock butterfly in the sunshine.

A stationary brimstone! Phew! It's beautiful. Mostly they just fly by in a maniacal fashion.
A great tit hopping to and fro. They have a bold black stripe down their front so you can tell them apart from blue tits.

A dunnock?
Have you spotted any butterflies yet this spring? I've seen several more species I couldn't take pictures of.

Take care,

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