Clutch of winter

Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Don't let the sunshine fool you, it's still pretty cold out there. It's gone from t-shirt weather back to thermals and coats in a heartbeat. I'd better post this outfit while it's still vaguely relevant as we could all be barelegged next week and won't care for anything wintry.
I had been shying away from my faux sheepskin jacket as I thought the buttons were loose but I'd overlooked previous work which had secured them. Silly me. It's a warm enough jacket, though bulky but I ought to wear it more if it will be dry.
Aubergine dress, one I like only when I'm not feeling bloated. On this occasion it was layered over a striped polo neck top but my scarf has hidden all but a small segment.
Adequate for a forty minute forest wander when we're not far out of the clutch of winter.
I spied a little bird up high!

Take care (and wrap up)

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