All roads lead to roam

Friday, August 23, 2019

It had come to Cs attention there was a new location for walking which had somehow slipped under our radar and so a few weeks ago on one of those lovely hot afternoons we though we should try it out. The directions were a little sketchy and although we did start off in the right place, things fizzled out after a while and we found that not only were we heading way off course, there hadn't been an opportunity to turn off when expected. We googled, dithered, retraced steps, scratched our heads and then decided to call it a day. It did lead to a roam around some tracks with some pretty summer sights so all was far from lost (except me).
Above, a skipper.
 Two gatekeepers

A large white, and a folded up red admiral.

A peacock, this is called maroon in my book.
Below, can you spot it? Amazingly well camouflaged painted lady.

I followed this beautiful blue butterfly as it fluttered by, finally it landed and although it closed it's wings the little poppet still looks cute. I can only suppose it's a common blue.
 Great willowherb
 Unsure of this pompom seed head.
 So may seed heads now, hey're overtaking the number of flowers.

White bryony on gorse.
Below beads of berries. They look dangerous.

 Purple loosestrife and conkers

Rosebay willowherb. This gave me an answer on University challenge the other day - we did really well on that episode!
I hope you are able to get out in the fresh air this bank holiday weekend. There's no excuse not to try!

Take care,

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