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Monday, August 12, 2019

Let's greet the new week with a frolic and a shimmy.
I'm joking, I absolutely loathe Mondays but these shots were taken last weekend when times were good and spirits were high. This dress was a charity shop find from a few months ago which jumped out as an obvious festival outfit. Indeed I did take it to Latitude but left in in my secondary stash in the car in case of deluge. I plumped for my trusty old-faithful instead which had served me well for years before for which I feel almost apologetic. Anyway I gave it a wear one warm summer's day and danced in the light.

It's an old school dress, very 90's. Where has it been hiding all this time? I like it's simplicity and easy to wear style, though it's a tad low cut for me so a top underneath makes me feel more comfortable.

Mondays always feel rotten and there's not much chance of escaping that but it does cheer me up if I've got a week of blog posts cued up ready to publish. Sadly, that's not the case although I have the photographs all saved but just need to assemble the content.

Take care,

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