Scarlet dress

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Normally I try my hardest to find a quiet spot for outfit pictures which is pretty, seasonal or at least empty. If there's something I find mortifying it's being spotted having my picture taken! Oh I cannot bear it, I immediately bail and pretend I was just looking at something. There's got to be virtually no chance of anyone spotting me or I can't cope with it, I just want to cringe into a little pile on the floor.
On this occasion we had the place to ourselves for around an hour, it was amazing! How many places do you know where you just won't be interrupted? Fantastic.

Take care,

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  1. I really like that dress! I am always mortified when anyone spots me taking photos! I was in the arboretum at music camp and I was SO sure no one was in there and everyone was in a rehearsal and the minute I balanced my camera on the bench with the self-timer, someone walked in. I felt such a twit. I sheepishly sat on the bench and read a moment later and they left about 15 mins later but again, when I was taking a photo later on, they were sitting on a hidden bench which I didn't notice till after the photo!

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