Never leave

Wednesday, August 07, 2019

There's a place to escape to which holds my secrets; the tracks wind their way from the road in a labyrinth of twists and turns further from prying eyes.  The long grasses shhh away the need for talk and the birds take up the slack in background noise. Loud bumblebees buzz and on closer inspection a whole host of bees can be spied on the wild flowers growing all around. Butterflies basking on the sunny stretches of path take flight when approached, flashing their bold colourful wings. The sun warms my cold heart and skin. The breeze sets my hair aloft and free. A hare darts from it's cover through the hedge and startles a pheasant which causes a brief furore which quickly fizzles out.
I can't help but wish to never leave.


White campion

Great willowherb
Elder berries coming
Hazelnuts in the hedge

Chicory in the wheatfield

Creepy cobwebs
Yarrow and the rest
Guelder rose berries?
Field bindweed.

Take care,

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