I dreamed of butterflies

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

I dreamed of butterflies all around the garden, feasting on bright blooms and dancing in clouds, 
I dreamed of the floral scent drifting through the air and twirling around their papery wings,
The dream of a glass bubble filled with blooms and butterflies in a swirling sea of glittering sunspots, Shaken up by the breeze in a storm then left to settle back to a carpet of calm.

The more I dreamed it, the stronger the fragrance, the brighter the shades,
Night after night, hour after hour, the hands of the clock pointing out the passing time,
I grasp out but feel nothing but empty clutches of clenched fists and night air,
The dream intense but further out of reach, the taste it leaves but no other trace.

Then one day I drew the curtains and what do I see but the sea,
With more than a splash of colour and a droplet of light, The tide swells up, washes over everything in sight,
A world of dreams come to life in sight, sound and feelings abound,
I ride the wave to it's end then let the current sweep me along where it will.

Butterflies in order of appearance in my garden: large white? Brimstone, either brown argus (I think it looks more like this) or female common blue (I think it's more likely to be this) and painted lady.

Take care,

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