Ninja warrioring

Thursday, August 22, 2019

I firmly believe you should love your body by looking after it. 
Usually my body and me are on good terms. I eat a lot of the good stuff, copious vegetables, lean meat, more fish than I used to, buckets of water and the like. It also happens that I probably eat more than I should (as part of a balanced diet) of the more sugary and processed foods, but isn't that just life? Some times I cut more out and other times I dive right in. On the whole though I don't feel too full of regret, more just annoyed that all the food I crave ought only be eaten in moderation and that's the toughest of the lot to crack. (Says the girl who ate a bucket of multicoloured candyfloss in one sitting.Why would you eat half?)
Although time is tight, I've tried to make a comeback with a relatively regular exercise regime following the spring allotment and garden madness. I try to fit in 2 to 4 sessions a week of between 15 and 25 minutes of hiit bouts or strength based weighted stuff like flinging a kettlebell around. I've only been to about 2 in every 5 weeks of bootcamp which were mainly not my fault - and I even went before shaking off my rotten cold which made for recovery time being more of a nose blowing marathon than a rest.
There's no denying I feel so much better about myself when I keep up a solid workout schedule. It gives me such a boost. It's got to be healthier to love your body and show that by taking good care of yourself than to just accept the neglect you show it and call that love instead?

I've still got goals which aren't goals - to reach a point I feel like is the optimum balance. Where I find the middle ground between the right nourishment/exercise/sleep routines. Mindset ought to come into that as well, I've put off yoga or meditation. When I did try a meditation app it asked me what was on my mind. When I frowned and thought, well nothing except listening to the app and then drifted off in a still awake but switched off doze I figured it probably wasn't the right app for me. It's not that there's too much whizzing on my mind it's more my mindset isn't in the right level of positivity. I love listening to positive, enthusiastic people but it doesn't stick with me long. I suppose that's much the reason I love to blog, it's my most optimistic and happy tone (except the grumbly posts - but that's balance).
How often do I wear all black? I feel like a ninja.

Here's to warrioring or way through life.

Take care,

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