Canopy shade

Thursday, August 01, 2019

2019 The summer of downpours, scorching highs and days which couldn't make up their minds. On this wander it was a 'sunny intervals' affair which meant freezing shade and sweltering sunshine. I was glad of my denim jacket which this season has come into it's own. It was a second hand find from last year and looked well worn which has only increased it's wearability. A soft denim jacket with shabby cuffs is far more easy to wear than a stiff new one. It's warm but not too warm. Lesson learned long ago with jackets; don't get ones that 'fit' because nothing is more comfortable than ones which are too big. Fact. Do I make mention enough of how most of my clothes are second hand? Maybe not. But most are charity shop finds. It's just a way of shopping that I prefer. It also happens to be a guilt-free way of treating yourself. Saving clothes from going to landfill, supporting charities and bagging yourself a new item? Everyone's a winner!
Forgiving skirts are heaven sent. This one saved me from what I'd describe as a massive hangover bloat crossed with an entire body strain caused by an impromptu half hour of leaping about in a 90's ravey way. Trust me when I say I paid for this. Delicate for a few days.
New walking boots are proving their worth.
I had to buy a replacement little bag as my old one is disintegrating. See how this one co-ordinates with my boots? Total co-incidence.
Sadly this bag is falling apart already. I'll have to find another!

I happen to adore this set of snaps so there's more than there ought to be but I shall indulge in my good choice of backdrop, the canopy shade and good hair day.
Take care,

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