Several bridges

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

I've become much more at ease with my style. Sometimes I just have to throw on something on the quick so that I will be comfortable, clean and dressed practically enough for the weather and expected endeavours. On a windy day it's fine to wear a dress to the supermarket. It's not going to work walking on exposed tracks and footpaths. Maybe I haven't washed my hair in two days, it'll have to suffice tied back instead. Fuck it, I'm just getting by. Nope, you won't catch me in a full face of makeup or with  perfectly manicured set of nails - that's several bridges too far.  
Vest top, shorts, ankle boots and a scarcely worn shirt to top it off. That's how I roll now. 
 Not massively keen on how I look in these shorts, nor the fact they're an inch and a half away from being cycling shorts but they re just so comfortable to wear that it outweighs minor horrors.

I'm grateful for days which I'm not too bloated to feel ok in a vest top. Semi constant bloating is the bane of my life which I'm sure is egged on in no small part by my greediness to eat, eat eat.
So, tidy enough I'm heading out. The sunshine (or at least dry-ish days) are too precious to miss. There are an assortment of summer post to come at some point, hopefully sooner rather than later, but I shall enjoy putting them together.
Please join me in vigil for the safe return of hot weather in the imminent future.

Take care,

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