Gauze dressing

Thursday, August 08, 2019

Dressing for summer has required more care this year than for the previous few put together. Hot spells, torrential rain, the unexpected cold snaps and gales have meant that bare arms and legs are most certainly not a given. It has lead to me pondering more than just staple shorts or favourite dresses. This lace tee made for a sensible topping to my aging skirt. I say lace but it's more like a plastic doily or gauze than a piece of fine lace. My skirt's elastic has given up the ghost sooner than expected but I have felt a pinch of motivation to sort it out. Either with more elastic or chopping it off to make a dress or somesuchlike.

Days have been so full lately, I find myself wondering just how to extricate myself from all the miserable, mundane rubbish to really focus on things that matter; things which build myself, and as a consequence others, up.

I'm mindful that we're almost a third of the way into August and I mustn't let summer drift off without me. I've got to ride the wave of the season instead of being washed overboard and floundering in the wake.

Take care,

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