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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

A melange of photographs from the same area today. First up ragwort with lots of visitors who seem to love it. People tend to hate on ragwort but it seems the wildlife really need it.
See the cinnebar moth caterpillar?

Small copper butterfly

I think this is a 'mother of pearl' moth. There were lots hovvering around bramble flowers in the woods.
Hemp agrimony! I've not seen much of this at all this year and I'm uncertain whether it's because I've not been to the places where it grows or whether it's just not prolific this year.

The pink flowers turn into fluffy seedheads

Purple loosestrife. Not seen much of this either

Last year I saw these harebells in the same spot. They are so delicate.

A dragonfly picked a rather dangerous spot to rest.
Common toadflax is rife now.
Burdock, only one or two places I've seen this.
And finally one I cannot identify. The closest my book gets is gypsywort which doesn't truly match.
Any ideas?

Take care,

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