Butterflies in her eyes

Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Hello everyone! It seems like ages ago since shorts and a light top were suitable attire yet it's probably a mere week. No wonder the poor plants are having a time of it; cold to hold then back to cold again. With a frost last night there may be a few casualties at the allotment in the form of tender flowers. In the midst of the lovely warmth I was duped into thinking we were out of the frost risk but nope. And enforced covering at the allotment has been a nuisance for the possible plants and a bit sad for those who are already on location and cannot be protected. Please don't die! I'll cover more from the allotment soon. With long weekend temperatures set to be both 22 for Friday then back to 9 for Sunday it's a bit of bumpy ride yet to come so looks like I'll hold off planting out anything else for another week.

These pictures were probably from a couple of weeks ago though it no longer feels like it matters. Much as I like to wear this loose top it prefers to drape at will off one or both shoulders; simply refusing to stay put for any length of time at all. Though the sun was warm, it did feel reassuring to keep a little coverage to my upper arms which tend to feel the cold first.
It's a butterfly print! Perhaps it looked convincing as while I stood there a few pretty orange tips flew along the hedge (though not landing on me as I would probably shriek if they came near my head!)
Hurrah for solid ground underfoot and being able to wear my boots of choice rather than getting stuck in the mud as we have for the whole of horrible winter!
Time is passing, I'm asking could this be real?

The only real thing I'm yearning for with a lifted lockdown is to be able to walk further and wherever and whenever I please. And quite frankly I'm permitted my daily walk at present so I'm cashing in on it when I can without apology.

Take care,

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